Keep Everyone In-The-Know While On-The-Go with TripIt iOS 11

It’s happened to nearly everyone who has ever taken an airplane: you’re en route to your destination when your arrival time or your gate changes. Anxiety ensues—yes, you told your mom what time your flight was supposed to land, but did you remember to tell her the flight number? Does she know how to check the flight status online?

With TripIt’s new iOS 11 updates, you can now share your entire trip without leaving iMessages, and if the recipient has the TripIt app, the shared trip content will automatically update with the most current information.

That means any changes you make to the info you shared in TripIt—whether that’s a cancellation, delay or gate change—will update in the message as well. Now mom (or dad, or your co-worker) can see the arrival time of your flight, and whether it is on time or delayed.

TripIt iOS 11


How the TripIt App for iMessage Works

TripIt for iMessage makes sharing travel plans as easy as sending a text:

  • Send all or part of your travel plans through iMessage with other users.
  • If plans change or if an element is added, TripIt refreshes those plans—ensuring everyone in the conversation has the latest information.
  • When TripIt Pro users share flight information, anyone receiving that information will be able to check the status of the flight without leaving Messages.
  • TripIt pulls the latest trip information when the conversation is active. Everyone must also be signed into the TripIt app and be using iOS 11 to send and receive real-time trip plans.

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