TripIt Discovers the Happiest Flyers in the US

Ever wonder what makes the happiest flyers? After examining more than 575,000 flight ratings from 2016 and 2017, we found that where travelers are from, which airports they visit, and their generation, had an impact on how happy they were with their flights.

Here’s what we found:

Travelers with Regular Access to Vitamin D Have the Best Flights

Happiest Hometown

Travelers living in Honolulu topped the charts as the happiest flyers in the nation, followed by Phoenix, another sun-filled city. However, those from southern cities like Nashville, Tampa, Baltimore, Orlando, Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale also held strong, capturing several of the top 25 slots.

Happiest Hometown
Rank City
1 Honolulu, HI
2 Phoenix, AZ
3 Nashville, TN
4 Saint Louis, MO
5 Tampa, FL
6 Milwaukee, WI
7 Kansas City, MO
8 Baltimore, MD
9 Orlando, FL
10 Albuquerque, NM
11 Scottsdale, AZ
12 Tucson, AZ
13 Atlanta, GA
14 Fort Lauderdale, FL
15 Indianapolis, IN
16 Louisville, KY
17 San Antonio, TX
18 Sacramento, CA
19 Austin, TX
20 Las Vegas, NV
21 San Diego, CA
22 Denver, CO
23 Pittsburgh, PA
24 Dallas, TX
25 Seattle, WA


Don’t Go Big to Go Home: Alternate Airports Put Travelers in a Better Mood

Happiest Flyers by Airport

The majority of travelers that arrived and departed from airports that are not the city’s largest airport hub tended to rate their flights higher. Travelers arriving at the Windy City’s Midway International Airport and departing from the Lone Star State’s Dallas Love Field Airport reported being the happiest flyers overall. In addition, seven of these alternate options appear on both the departure and arrival lists, showing that they have a consistently positive impact on the mood of travelers.

Departure Airport   Arrival Airport
Rank Airport City Rank Airport City
1 MDW Chicago, IL 1 DAL Dallas, TX
2 DAL Dallas, TX 2 MDW Chicago, IL
3 BUR Burbank, CA 3 HOU Houston, TX
4 HOU Houston, TX 4 BUR Burbank, CA
5 OAK Oakland, CA 5 OAK Oakland, CA
6 SAT San Antonio, TX 6 BWI Baltimore, MD
7 SNA Santa Ana, CA 7 BNA Nashville, TN
8 STL St. Louis, MO 8 MCI Kansas City, MO
9 BNA Nashville, TN 9 ONT Ontario, CA
10 SJC San Jose, CA 10 SNA Santa Ana, CA
11 MCI Kansas City, MO 11 STL St. Louis, MO
12 SMF Sacramento, CA 12 SJC San Jose, CA
13 BWI Baltimore, MD 13 OGG Kahului, HI
14 PDX Portland, OR 14 TPA Tampa, FL
15 TPA Tampa, FL 15 PDX Portland, OR
16 SAN San Diego, CA 16 SMF Sacramento, CA
17 MKE Milwaukee, WI 17 MSY New Orleans, LA
18 JAX Jacksonville, FL 18 ABQ Albuquerque, NM
19 AUS Austin, TX 19 PHX Phoenix, AZ
20 RSW Fort Myers, FL 20 SLC Salt Lake City, UT
21 MSY New Orleans, LA 21 SEA Seattle, WA
22 SEA Seattle, WA 22 SAN San Diego, CA
23 PHX Phoenix, AZ 23 SAT San Antonio, TX
24 CMH Columbus, OH 24 AUS Austin, TX
25 IND Indianapolis, IN 25 RSW Fort Myers, FL


Millennials are Happier Flyers than Xennials

Happiest Flyers by Generation

Looking at the average flight rating across generations, we found that Millennials (1983-1999) were the happiest flyers, followed by Baby Boomers (1946-1964). Xennials, the microgeneration between Generation X and Millennials, ranked as the third happiest generation of travelers, showing a distinct difference from Millennials (the generation that Xennials were previously associated with). The least happy flyers were those in Generation X (1965-1976).

Methodology: To determine the happiest travelers, TripIt looked at how travelers rated their flights. TripIt analyzed more than 575,000 flight ratings submitted in 2016 and 2017. Hometowns and airports with less than 1,000 ratings were omitted from the analysis. Regions were defined by those recognized by the U.S. Census. TripIt defined generations as follows: Millennials (1983-1999); Xennials (1977-1983); Generation X (1965-1976); and Baby Boomers (1946-1964).

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